How can you tell the love between a mother and child. Who loves more? Is it the overbearing mother that loves most? Or the orphaned child who loves least? You can’t compare the two. Because the mother loves with caution. But, the orphan doesn’t know love.

The truth is you can never tell the ones you love how much you really love them. This is because love can’t be measured. When you love someone nothing else matters. Not time, not death, and damn sure not someone else. 

Consider, a first time mother with no experience… Can you compare her to a mother with 5 children who never took care of a single child? It’s not the amount it’s the love. 

All these examples of love and love lost and never loving at all. Which is better? Which would you prefer? Would you wanna be the overbearing mother, orphan, first time mother, or the irresponsible one?