Some people may never know what it is like to look in the mirror and not feel beautiful, to feel like you aren’t light enough, tall enough, or have enough hair. For me this was a constant insecurity I had in myself, I just never felt like enough. However, through all the odds I never stopped loving myself, through all of that I never self harmed or committed suicide. Because in truth it was self conscious as in all in my mind, not a bully or a person. When someone walked by and says to me, “Hey you’re sexy” I take it as an insult because they are looking at my body and not respecting me for all the wonderful assets that I have to offer to the world. 

It wasn’t till recently that I sat down and looked in the mirror and realized, I’m beautiful, intelligent, and all around a good person. I realized that regardless of what I looked like on the outside, my insides were beautiful. And my future was bright.

So, “finally beautiful” is just self proclaimed, I might be ugly looking with my big nose and small lips. I might not have a huge black girl booty but I do have internal beauty that will take me a heck of a lot further in my opinion.